The purpose of the Dialogue Forum is two-fold:

  • To develop the level of quality in Danish guidance services
  • To secure a close dialogue between the Ministry of Education and relevant organisations, institutions, guidance practitioner associations and individuals holding a leading position in Danish guidance.

The National Dialogue Forum has 3-4 annual meetings where best practices, experiences, new ideas and innovative thinking within the field of guidance are discussed. In between meetings, the Dialogue Forum members have the opportunity to continue discussions – or initiate new ones – on an ICT-based discussion board.

Individual members are appointed for a period of two years, whereas member organisations of the Dialogue Forum are appointed for a period of four years. The Minister may, however, choose to appoint additional members for a shorter period of time, in case it is considered relevant for the work of the Dialogue Forum.

Currently, the Dialogue Forum consists of 11 individual members and representatives from 11 member organisations and 6 ministries. Examples of member organisations are:

  • Employers' organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Guidance practitioner associations
  • Youth organisations
  • Municipal authorities.
Last modified 22. marts 2018